Flotsam and jetsam (6/11)




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    Kerr’s theses were interesting. Too much wonky language, and use of Greek (that he immediately translates). JKA Smith was perceptive in pointing out that for all the talk of “the world” it was never defined, or at least Kerr, et al didn’t recognize its equivocal use in Scripture.

    Additional, question for the “apocalypse” crew: what does it mean that Christ says that the Church is His body, and it is His Spirit that is poured out on this body (much like at His own baptism)? Jesus didn’t do or say those things about “the world”?

    For all the quoting of Barth, it seemed like the final angle in de-centering the Church, was that the Church finally will take its cues from culture, i.e. “the world” since that is the arena that Jesus is really focused on.

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