Flotsam and jetsam (5/28)




  1. says

    my millenial score = 62 (What does this mean? I’m plugged into the demographic of my church? That I didn’t fight in WWII with Marc and Adam? Or I am an aging and tragic hipster wannabe?)

    Bios: Peter Brown’s “Augustine,” Oberman’s “Luther,” Harry Stout’s biography of Whitfield “The Divine Dramatist” (is much better than Dallimore, imo), “Defending the Faith” on J. Gresham Machen by DG Hart, and “Pilgrim in the Ruins” on Walker Percy by Jay Tolson.

  2. Marc Cortez says

    I think it means that I spend way too much time in my office, or you spend too much time playing video games. One of the two.

    You think that enjoying history as much as I do that I would read more biographies. But that’s a genre I just haven’t been able to sink my teeth into. I will say that I completely agree on the Brown and Oberman picks. Those were well done.

  3. Marc Cortez says

    I definitely lost points for my complete lack of tattoos and piercings. But I’m okay with that.

  4. andyphon says

    Well I got a 52, but really a 69 taking out the question about contacting a govt. person. I never do this but recently did so technically it was in the twelve months, but 69 is what I will go with. However, I feel my overall level of slacker status and cynicism still puts me squarely in the midst as a good old Xer (remember when we used to be cool? Dang those millennials).

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