Flotsam and jetsam (10/7)


Good Reads

  • The Sympathy of the Puritans: In Sympathetic Puritans, Abram C. Van Engen sets out to prove…that literary sentimentalism arose as a natural outgrowth of—not in reaction to—Puritanism. As the foundation for his thesis, he examines the Puritan theology of sympathy and he then argues…that the Puritans were not the cold hypocrites of popular conception but were instead people of strong emotion, who if they erred, erred by putting too much stock in emotional displays. (Fare Forward)
  • The Eight Kinds of Commenters in the Christian Blogosphere: Reader-response is alive and well in the blogosphere. Part of this is no doubt due to the fact that a blog post is too short to explain much and its overall purpose is usually informational and provocative. Part of it, however, is due to the reader’s own disposition and the expectations that he or she brings to the site. (First Things)
  • Thoughts on Note-Taking During Sermons: I began discouraging note-taking (not forbidding it) and relieving my church from the duty of note taking (meaning, saying they didn’t have to) because I want them to see preaching in the worship service not as a lecture or as primarily an educational transmission to their minds, but as prophetic proclamation and as primarily aimed at their hearts. (For the Church)

Other Info

Just for Fun

  • Do you have have one of those days when the balls just won’t stay in the can? This kid knows your pain.



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